What is Obesity Dietician Department

published on: 23rd february, 2021

Obesity is a disease looking for a treatment is crucial to prevent any comorbidity. There are multiple methods that have been used to treat obesity, those methods include:

  • Diet and Physical activity under the supervision of a licensed dietitian
  • Pharmacological therapy under the supervision of an endocrinologist
  • Bariatric Surgery

Diet and physical activity is the easiest and the only non-invasive method that you can chose to lose weight. Patience is required; however with compliance satisfying results can be achieved. Through a balanced diet it is expected to lose between 0.5-1Kg per week which is equivalent to 2-4Kg per month.

Always remember it is not important how much you lose, it’s about what you lose. Our body is made of skeletal muscle mass, fat mass and total body water. Once setting your weight loss goal, aim to lose fat mass and gain skeletal muscle mass. Physical activity will increase your skeletal muscle mass, which will have a positive impact on your basal metabolic rate. Combining a balanced diet and active lifestyle will help to achieve the goal easily.

Weight Loss process will be easier once you understand the mechanism of the weight loss. Imagine your body as a weighing balance in order to lose weight a negative energy balance should be created. Where energy intake (calories from food) should be less than the expended calories (exercise and basal metabolic rate). This can be achieved through 3 simple modifications,

  • Intake to remain the same and increase the physical activity
  • Reduce the intake with no physical activity
  • Combine both; reduce intake and increase physical activity(the most effective option)

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