Myth vs Reality in Urology

published on: 26th july, 2021

Myth 1: Performing Prostate biopsy will spread any cancer that may be present

Myth: Using a biopsy needle to sample prostatic tissues results in cancer cells seeding along the needle track, or alternatively, into blood and lymphatic vessels

Reality: Although this can be theoretically considerable, the truth of the matter is that the incidence of seeding is virtually non existent with the potential risk being negligible.

Myth 2: All prostate cancers are slow growing and can be ignored

Myth: Prostate cancer is slow growing and can be ignored

Reality: Every case of prostate cancer has a variable biological behavior and is unique in a sense. Some cancers are not aggressive that no curative treatment is necessary and can be managed with active surveillance.

However, other cancers are so aggressive that no treatment is curative, and many are between these two extremes, being moderately aggressive and highly curable.

Myth 3: Drinking lot of fluids flushes out kidney stones.

Myth: Drinking lot of fluids promotes passage of kidney and ureteral stones. The rationale of this advice is that massive hydration creates enough pressure in the renal system that helps passage of a stone present in the kidney or ureter.

Reality: The presence of a stone often causes urinary tract obstruction. Over-hydration in the presence of Urinary obstruction will result in more distension of the already bloated portion of the collected system located above the stone. This over distension can exacerbate pain and nausea.

Drinking moderately in the face of kidney or ureteral stone at the time of colic is a sound advice.

Dr. Robert Zakhia El Doueihi

Specialist - Urology

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