Early Signs of Pregnancy

published on: 15th march, 2021

The signs of an early pregnancy can vary from woman to another. Some notice or feel changes in their body, especially during the first month of pregnancy while other women may not notice any symptoms at all.

A lot of the signs are not enough to indicate your pregnancy as it's hard to interpret the signals that your body is trying to say. In fact, some symptoms indicate that your monthly period is about to start or that you are about to get sick.

If you face these symptoms you should consider taking a pregnancy test:

Frequent urination: hormonal changes increase your urine production. The uterus is usually the size of a fist yet when becoming pregnant it becomes bigger to adapt with your body’s changes. A bigger sized uterus will surely pressure on your bladder leading you to urinate, you may notice that this pressure plays a major role when your sneeze, laugh or exercise as it leads you to leak some urine.

Missing a menstrual period: it’s one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Yet it’s possible to have some light bleeding or a light period even while pregnant, this is called implantation bleeding.

Morning sickness: the sickness feeling diverse between nausea, vomiting, strong hate of certain scents, it can also last all day not only morning.

Mood swings: includes food cravings, aversion to food, stress, intense fatigue, and different emotions in each trimester.

It’s always the best to consult your health care provider as the home pregnancy test can give false results and you will need to confirm it by a blood test.

Dr. Khaled Omar

Specialist - Obstetrics & Gynecology

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