Dietary Preparation before a Bariatric Surgery

published on: 22nd february, 2021

The surgery will support you weight loss, in order to achieve the desired results, some lifestyle changes and eating options must be modified to achieve long-term results. The pre-operation period is crucial and should be utilized as a training period. Psychological and physical preparation and readiness pre surgery are two important factors that should be taken seriously.

How can I prepare myself for the post-surgery phase?

Sudden changes are usually accompanied by psychological shock and lack of acceptance. To avoid any adverse psychological reaction, it is necessary to prepare psychologically for the post-operation stage by:

  • Monitor the portions and quantities consumed at each meal
  • Gradual reduction in the of the portion size
  • Eating slowly and chewing the food well
  • Think about the food that is eaten “Mindful Eating”
  • Eating consciously and listening to the body signals in terms of hunger and satiety
  • Focus on healthier options
  • Avoid foods that contain empty calories, "calories that lack nutritional value."
  • Start Practicing on having small frequent meals
  • Concentrate on drinking water
  • Reduce drinking juices, soft drinks, caffeinated drinks and energy drinks

For physiological readiness, 2 weeks Pre-Surgery it is recommended to follow a liver reducing diet.

Liver reducing diet is a low caloric, high protein, low Carbohydrate diet. This diet actually helps in reducing the size of the liver by utilizing its glycogen storage. Once liver size is reduced, the surgery would be smoother and complications during the surgery would decrease. Your dietitian will help guide you to this diet.

Muscle optimization is very important Pre-Surgery. After your surgery it is expected that you will be losing Skeletal Muscle Mass, so increasing your skeletal muscle mass Pre-Surgery will help preserve your mass after surgery. Muscle optimization can be achieved through physical activity.

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